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YouVersion Study

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A One-Month Battle Plan to Win the War Against Porn

The #31DayChallenge is designed for guys who are sick of ruining their lives with porn. Take the challenge and be free from your destructive habits in just one month! Unlike other books, the #31DayChallenge is an actual battle plan jam-packed with practical action steps, streak habit goals, daily truths, and other tactics to help you experience freedom from sexual guilt and shame. To complete the challenge, you must win 31 daily battles in a row. Are you ready for it? Let’s win today. #31DayChallenge

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Pinon Hills Journal

The new Pinon Hills Journal is a great resource to keep track of any thoughts that you have as you are studying scripture or bring it with you to church to take notes.

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Love Languages

A book you will want to read.

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Love Language Quiz